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TOEFL Junior Vocabulary Practice

Đơn giá: 148 000 VND
133 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 15 000 VND

This book aims at helping learners to enlarge their stock of vocabulary in the most effective way. Each unit in the book has been designed with the same format and in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Learning in context: The ten questions in the Practice Set when combined will form a full reading passage. Importantly, all vocabulary items have purposefully been taken out of the passage so that learners can learn them in context, which facilitates their comprehension and remembering of word meaning.
  2. Learning by association: The vocabulary items at the beginning of each unit have all been arranged and grouped into key items, synonyms, antonyms, and related words for learners to form a connection in their mind when learning.
  3. Categorized exercises: The exercises that follow the vocabulary list consist of three types: filling in the gaps with words in the vocabulary list, choosing the best answer from the four options given to complete the gapped sentences, and completing the synonyms and antonyms of the underlined words in two short paragraphs which are part of the whole passage.
  4. Selected readings: In the book, there are 50 reading passages in total and they provide learners with topics of general interest, such as natural and social sciences, culture, politics, and economics.