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Collins Real Lives Real Listening - Elementary A2 (kèm CD)

Tác giả: Sheila Thorn
Nhà xuất bản Tổng Hợp
Số trang: 212
Đơn giá: 232 000 VND
209 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 23 000 VND

Real Lives, Real Listening will teach students vital skills they need to listen more effectively to English, however it is spoken. Through authentic recordings the course exposes students to the grammatical structures and lexis which are used most frequently in spoken English throughout the world.

This new edition from Collins combines all three topics into one book.

  • MP3 CD with authentic interviews featuring native and non-native speakers of English
  • detailed comprehension and practice exercises
  • includes information on simplification, linking, elision and weak forms
  • help prepare students for exams

Real Lives, Real Listening will boost students’ confidence and raise their awareness of the differences between spoken and written English. Created by Sheila Thorn of The Listening Business, the series reflects the latest academic theories on the importance of authentic listening practice in language acquisition.

Suitable for learners at Elementary and Pre-intermediate level (CEF level A2)