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Collins Hotel & Hospitality English (kèm CD)

Đơn giá: 198 000 VND
178 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 20 000 VND

Welcome to the Metro Hotel. Here’s Sarah who works on reception, Simon who is head of Guest Services and David the bartender.

In the Hotel & Hospitality English self-study pack you can follow the daily lives of the Metro Hotel staff. Listen to Sarah, Simon and David talking to guests and answering the phone, and learn the English to meet your own guests’ needs.

The features of this book are:

  • 24 compact units cover a wide range of practical scenarios, such as meeting and greeting guests, taking orders at breakfast and at the bar, handling guest complaints and dealing with guest requests.
  • 4-page unit includes an easy-to-follow photo story that deals with the topic of the unit and introduces key functional language.
  • The pocket-sized course book also contains vocabulary lists for quick reference, practical examples of typical emails, an answer key and a pronunciation guide to further aid the self-study learner.
  • The audio CD provides valuable listening practice to accompany each unit.