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Succeed in the Cambridge Flyers English Test (kèm CD)

Tác giả: Naomi Styles
Nhà xuất bản Tổng Hợp TP.HCM
Số trang: 84
Đơn giá: 128 000 VND
115 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 13 000 VND

The best preparation for YLE Flyers® at Level A2 of the CEFR:

- Fun activities for better communication skills and a Flyers® certificate.

- Diverse exercises of increasing difficulty levels in all 3 skill groups: ListeningReading & Writing and Speaking.

- All instructions in English to familiarise you with the real test.

- User-friendly and practical tips for test high scores: Vocabulary to learn, traps to avoid and others.

- One complete actual test.

- Audio scripts, full answer key and suggested answers to all exercises and test.