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IELTS Introduction - Student's Book

Tác giả: Sam McCarter
Nhà xuất bản Macmillan
Số trang: 176
Đơn giá: 275 000 VND
261 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 14 000 VND

Aimed at students in band 3-4, IELTS Introduction is a topic-based course geared toward helping students increase their IELTS score through comprehensive and engaging learning tasks. Clear and practical information on the exam is given, as well as advice on the strategy and techniques needed across all 4 skills to be successful.

Key features

- While the course addresses all four language skills, there is a special focus on the productive ones, Speaking and Writing, which usually pose more of a challenge to the students.

- Students will be able to make links between exam tasks and their own language development through Language Focus and Vocabulary sections.

- Students can build confidence in key areas using the Study Skills sections at the end of each unit, complete with exam information and tips. 

- An accompanying Skills Book contains further practice for students, presenting an ideal opportunity for self-study outside of the classroom.

- Teachers who are new to the IELTS exam will find a lot of useful guidance and information in the Teacher’s Book.