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IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests (kèm CD)

Đơn giá: 144 000 VND
130 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 14 000 VND

List of Listening Tests and their Test Dates

Test 1

Section 1: Asking for Moving Service

Section 2: Schedule of the Annual Conference on Mastering Computer Languages

Section 3: Asking for Advice on Choosing Courses

Section 4: How to Choose Flooring Materials

Test 2

Section 1: Booking a Hotel

Section 2: Looking for Volunteer Workers

Section 3: Environmental Change Brought by Farming

Section 4: Insects and Pest Control

Test 3

Section 1: Returning the Rice Cooker

Section 2: A Map of the University of New South Wales

Section 3: Discussion on Issues in the Marketing Area

Section 4: History of Bikes

Test 4

Section 1: Recycling

Section 2: How to Make a Résumé

Section 3: Talking About What Returning Students Should Study

Section 4: Introduction on Curriculum and Facilities of Wassamatta University

Test 5

Section 1 House Renting

Section 2: Waste Sorting, Collection, and Disposal

Section 3: Asking About Thesis Requirements

Section 4: Austrila’s Water Shortage

Test 6

Section 1 Asking for House Cleaning Service

Section 2: Australian Quarantine Service in Sydney Airport

Section 3: Introduction on Layout and Facilities of a Library

Section 4: Desert Crocodile in Africa