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IELTS Writing - Strategies for Reports and Essays in IELTS examination

Đơn giá: 40 000 VND
34 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 6 000 VND

Writing an English report or an essay is not easy since it requires you not only to understand its genre and register, which are not familiar to you, but to do a lot of pratice as well. I suggest that your practice should be based on the genre and register, giving rise to proper processes of writing a good report and essay. In fact, a great variety of writing books showing the strategies and tips for writing an effective essay are sold at any bookstore in Vietnam, but there is nothing involved in writing a report from the data given in a chart, table, graph or diagram. Many Vietnamese IELTS candidates NEED to do a good job on the writing section in IELTS academic examinations. So, I have decided to write “Strategies of Writing Report and Essays in IELTS Academic Examination With 40 Common Sentences Patterns.”

The Contents of the book comprise 2 parts – one showing a process of writing a good report based on the data given in a chart, pie chart, graph or a table and – one describing how to write an effective essay in the short period of time required. Please, refer to the contents on the next page if you would like to know more details. In addition to the processes described in detail, it is also noticeable that 40 interesting sentence patterns are introduced to you as essential tips of writing good reports of various types within the 18-20 minutes required in an IELTS academic writing section.

I do hope that this book will help you a lot not only in your writing examinations but in your work as well.

I should be very glad to hear from students or teachers using this book who find mistakes or omissions, or who have comments or suggestions of any kind. Please write to me c/o 334/201/17 Duong Quang Ham Street, Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam or emails: