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How to Master Skills for the TOEFL iBT: Speaking Intermediate (kèm CD)

Đơn giá: 82 000 VND
74 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 8 000 VND
How to Master Skills for the TOEFL® iBT Speaking Intermediate is designed to be used either as a textbook for a TOEFL® iBT speaking preparation course or as a tool for individual learners who are preparing for the TOEFL® test on their own. With a total of six chapters, this book is organized to prepare you for the test by providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the test and a thorough analysis of every question type. Each chapter consists of seven units and includes numerous exercises that will help you develop your test-taking abilities. At the back of the book are two actual tests of the Speaking section of the TOEFL® iBT.

Special Features:

  • Step-by-step, user-friendly presentation of how to approach the speaking tasks
  • Intensive speaking practice with various topics found on the TOEFL® iBT
  • Lists of instantly usable TOEFL® speaking expressions
  • Two complete tests that familiarize students with the actual test format
  • Full answer key


How to Use This Book
PART 1 Independent Speaking

Chapter 1 Personal Experience

Unit 1 People
Unit 2 Places
Unit 3 Events
Unit 4 Objects
Unit 5 Transportation
Unit 6 Actions
Unit 7 Qualities

Chapter 2 Personal Preference

Unit 8 Education
Unit 9 Welfare
Unit 10 School
Unit 11 Studying
Unit 12 Travel
Unit 13 Money
Unit 14 Computers

PART 2 Integrated Speaking I

Chapter 3 Reading & Conversation

Unit 15 School Facilities
Unit 16 University Construction
Unit 17 School Appointments
Unit 18 School Politics
Unit 19 Bus Routes
Unit 20 Library Construction
Unit 21 Student Affairs

Chapter 4 Reading & Lecture

Unit 22 Biology I
Unit 23 Sociology I
Unit 24 Psychology I
Unit 25 Biology II
Unit 26 Philosophy
Unit 27 Sociology II
Unit 28 Psychology II

PART 3 Integrated Speaking II

Chapter 5 Conversation

Unit 29 Student Life I
Unit 30 Internships
Unit 31 Part-time Jobs
Unit 32 Transportation
Unit 33 Campus Tours
Unit 34 Student Life II
Unit 35 Makeup Exams

Chapter 6 Lecture

Unit 36 Writing
Unit 37 Botany
Unit 38 Education
Unit 39 Earth Science
Unit 40 Ecology
Unit 41 Geography
Unit 42 Marketing

Actual Tests
Answer Book