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LinguaForum TOEFL iBT m-Writing (kèm CD)

Đơn giá: 218 000 VND
195 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 23 000 VND

The TOEFL iBT m series is modeled on the TOEFL tests to familiarize learners at the intermediate level with the actual test. Detailed explanations and strategies for test questions are provided in each section. The series equips learners with practical test-taking skills to help them acquire proficiency in English as well as to achieve a high score in the TOEFL iBT.


Key Features:

  • Suitable for learns at the intermediate level
  • Equips students with test-taking skills
  • Offers in-depth explanation and drill questions
  • Additional section in the workbook for more independent practice.