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Oxford Word Skills - Second edition - Intermediate Vocabulary

Tác giả: Ruth Gairns & Stuart Redman
Nhà xuất bản Oxford University Press
Số trang: 256
Đơn giá: 289 000 VND
275 000 VND
Tiết kiệm: 14 000 VND

Oxford Word Skills covers the words that upper-secondary and young adult learners need to use English in real life, based on the updated and CEFR-levelled Oxford 3000TM. Revised and updated for the Second edition, now with 100 units (20 extra) and more practice.

With over 2,800 key words at each level and plenty of opportunity to practise, students can cover exactly the vocabulary they need. The Oxford 3000TM word list provides core vocabulary that every learner of English needs to know, graded by CEFR level.

It is ideal for use either in or outside the classroom. Each unit introduces just the right amount of vocabulary for students to learn and remember in one session and explains the new words using real-life contexts and situations. Oxford Word Skills presents and practises the words, phrases, and lexical grammar students need to listen, speak, read, and write confidently on a wide range of topics and everyday situations.

Oxford Word Skills includes 1 year's access to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app, enabling students to listen to the pronunciation of each new word and do exercises on pronunciation in the books. They can also use the app to look up the meaning of any word or phrase they don't know.